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Alliance for the Lost Boys of Sudan is one of the longest running non-salaried, 501-C3 foundations, assisting Lost Boys and Sudanese in the United States. We’ve provided college scholarships and books to over 65 local Lost Boys/Girls and South Sudanese, along with medical care, school supplies and much more. We have supported re-building and humanitarian efforts in South Sudan, such as water wells, goat programs for women in need, medical supplies, an X-ray clinic and a house and 30 beds at an orphanage and more. (See our Education and Africa links for more information on our work in the US and in South Sudan).

We value your privacy and promise never to sell or give away your contact information or send unwanted snail mail solicitations to your home. If you prefer not to be added to our email list for (occassional) updates, please let us know. Thank you for your support!


*All photos on this site are copyright protected and can NOT be copied or used without written permission from the Alliance or the photographers.